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Led & Collared® is a small homegrown New Zealand company

To committed dog and cat owners

who treat their animals as family

Led & Collared® is a small homegrown New Zealand company that offers customised & personalised pet gear. We’re dog owners and animal lovers, so we understand that pets are family. That’s why our products are specifically designed to strengthen and enhance the unique bond between humans and their pets. 

We make nearly everything ourselves, with our own hands (and some fancy machines), right here in New Zealand. We pay attention to detail and we’re obsessed with getting it right. So we’re constantly refining and improving our product design; and we back ourselves with the Led & Collared® Gear Guarantee. Our gear is different because it's:

  • Customised & personalised, so you can design your own and show your pet how much you love them.
  • Durable & reliable, so you can be confident that your gear will keep your pet safe and secure.
  • Functional & non-toxic, so your gear will do what it’s supposed to won’t make your pet itchy or ill.

Our range includes dog & cat collars, leads, harnesses, tags, feeding gear, safety lights and signage.

We support local community

At Led & Collared® we also believe in supporting local community. That’s why we pledge to donate One Dollar per Collar sold to St John Therapy Pets.

There is a lovely synergy between Led & Collared® and St John Therapy Pets. Both are focussed on that magical relationship between humans and animals. Led & Collared® uses specialised products to enhance the unique bond between humans and animals; while St John Therapy Pets helps vulnerable people by giving them physical contact, interaction and companionship with animals. We’re honoured and privileged to have this opportunity to help those in need. 


I am the founder, owner and primary operator of Led & Collared®. I've studied and worked in a range of areas and my career has been challenging and rewarding. I started Led & Collared® because I wanted to create something of my own, take a risk, and find a way to centre some of my work around dogs and animals. Because nothing in life holds more importance to me than family, and to me, dogs are family.


Mark is Lorna's husband and also an operator of Led & Collared® (nominated as Chief Inventory Officer). Mark has also worked in a wide range of areas and industries - but in recent years, his work has centred around finance. While Mark doesn't have quite the same obsession with dogs as Lorna, being married to her has helped to slowly cultivate a solid love for the family canines!

Led & Collared® Gear Guarantee

At Led & Collared® we’re obsessed with getting it right. That’s why we offer a guarantee against any material defect or faulty construction. Outside normal wear and tear (and chewing), if anything goes wrong, we want to know about it so we can make it right. 

Within the first 6 months of use, we’ll replace any defective or faulty products without question. For further details on our Gear Guarantee – please see our product specifications page.

We are grateful to all human owners and their animals for modelling our goodies


Pepper is an Irish Terrier. She belongs to Lorna and Mark. Pepper is a secret snipper who lays in wait to chase other dogs (especially Quigley). She's a real 'velcrow' dog, following her Mom from room to room. But she'll gratefully accept belly scratches from anyone willing to participate!


Quigley is an Irish Terrier. He belongs to Lorna and Mark. Quigley lives for his daily outdoor adventure. He also enjoys chewing on deer antlers, goat bones, shoes and tables. He gets especially excited when the courier drops parcels over the gate - wonderful shredding material!

McBean and Truffle

In loving memory of our two Scottish Terriers McBean and Truffle. The ‘first’ arrivals and inspiration for all things terrier and doggie. McBean had a love of strawberries, tennis balls and water games. Truffle had a love for McBean.


Cody is a Labradoodle (more oodle than lab). She belongs to Peter and Marion. Cody loves meeting new dogs in the park and chasing the Ginger Ninjas (Quigley & Pepper). She also enjoys walking with her Dad, showing off her obedience skills and gardening with her Mom.


Radar is a Belgian Malinois, police dog and Instagram star. He is an apprehension dog, which means he's trained to apprehend and take down criminals. Radar works is handelled by St O'Reilly. Together, Radar and St O'Reilly are known for doing daily 'taste tests' on Instagram. Radar will eat anything. See @deputy_dog_radar


Rusty is a young Irish Terrier (and brother of Quigley). He belongs to Gerard. He loves keeping watch, exploring, adopting stealth mode, chasing rabbits, shredding toilet paper and fine dining.


Zola is a Labrador cross Curly Coat Retriever. She belongs to Gerard. She loves food, swimming, mud baths, getting in close for a really good sniff and searching for sticks in the bush. She also has a nut allergy – so keep the peanuts away!


Dougal is a more mature Irish Terrier. He belongs to Vivienne and David. Dougal has an ear for music, loves to sing as a piano accompanist. He’s a real gentleman, always lounges with front legs crossed, poised ready for action.


Bessie is a young Irish Terrier. She belongs to Vivienne and David. She is feisty, fearless and lots of fun. She loves being included in everything, especially joining in a shower if the bathroom door is left ajar - a water fanatic!


Maverick is a Labradoodle. He belongs to Nicole and Liam. Maverick loves playing football, long walks with his pack and lots of cuddles. He’s very curious, always wants to know what’s going on and likes to be in the thick of things.


Kōwhai is a Golden Retriever. She belongs to Val and Shane. Kōwhai loves playing zoomies at the beach. She also loves her human and feline family, even though Ngaio and Luke (the cats) like to boss her around!


Macdara is a soft hearted loyal 94kg Irish Wolfhound. He belongs to Orlaith and family. Macdara loves swimming and exploring Peka Peka beach. His best treats are bananas and apples, especially if someone is mid-way through eating one!


Hobbes is a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel cross Lowchen. He belongs to Anna and is described as a ‘sweet good boy’. Hobbes loves swimming, playing chase and going for walks with lots of good smells.


Bertie (will also answer to ‘Bertilicious’) is a young West Highland Terrier. He belongs to Corrina and James. He loves digging holes in the sand and playing zoomies. He also enjoys spending time with his girlfriend, Sugar.


Storm is a Husky cross German Shepherd (aka Shepsky). She was adopted by Augusta and James when she was 10 months old. Storm loves chasing bunnies, running really fast, black Labradors (yes, she has a type), bum scritchies and tummy rubs. She is also known to bark and 'sing' for attention.


Otis is a Husky cross Boarder Collie (aka Sibord). He was adopted by Augusta and James when he was 10 months old. Otis is known as an 'aggressive cuddler'. He loves all toys, but especially his JW Mega Egg and the Flirt Pole. He also loves destroying cardboard, yelling and play fighting with Storm.


Douglas is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier (or Staffy). He belongs to Tara. Douglas is a budding obedience champion - he trains with his Mom every Sunday and is slowly building his collection of winning ribbons. His favourite day is 'daycare Friday'. He loves zoomies, bird watching and treats!


Odin is a Chocolate Point Burmese (and Loki’s brother). He belongs to Holly and Scott. Odin’s favourite thing to do is to wait outside the local train station to greet all the commuters! He might actually be a dog stuck in a cat’s body.


Loki is a Chocolate Point Burmese (and Odin’s brother). He belongs to Holly and Scott. Loki’s favourite activities are following his human siblings around the house, especially if there’s a game of chase involved! He also loves evening TV and couch snuggling.


Sushi is a Ginger Domestic Shorthair. He’s an SPCA rescue, who belongs to Lizzie and Mat. Sushi loves sunbathing, cuddles, hanging out with the neighbours, climbing trees and eating (he’s a bottomless pit).


Kraken is a Grey Tabby Domestic Shorthair. She’s a Forgotten Felines rescue, who belongs to Lizzie and Mat. Kraken is small in stature but makes up for it with her big personality. She’s very vocal, super smoochy and gets jealous when Sushi is getting attention.

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