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Orbiloc Dual Dog™

This LED safety light is the perfect solution if you want Doggo to be safe when adventuring in low light or darkness.

Only $50 NZD

The Orbiloc Dual Dog™ comes with quick mount, adjustable strap, service tool and user manual.

  • Visible – LED light visible up to 5km with a 270° viewing angle
  • Reliable – replaceable long-life CR2032 batteries (with life of 100 hours steady or 250 hours flashing)
  • Durable – impact resistant to 100kg
  • Adaptable – functions in temperatures ranging 50 to -40°C
  • Waterproof – waterproof to 100m
  • Secure – adjustable strap attaches securely
  • Speedy – fast dispatch time (usually same day) and express shipping
  • Guaranteed – made in Denmark and covered by the Orbiloc 3-year warranty.

If you need additional batteries, check out the Orbiloc Service Kit.

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The Orbiloc Safety Light™ comes with the 3-year warranty - refer to our returns, shipping & product care information for further detail.

Product safety and care tips:

  • Before first use: (a) tighten the Orbiloc Safety Light™ with the service tool, (2) with the grooves facing up, inject the thinner end of the strap into the light and choose correct fitting hole, (c) feed the adjustable strap around the collar and attach it to the opposite hook.
  • Never use our products for anything other than their intended purpose – misuse of gear can lead to injury or damage.
  • If the Orbiloc Safety Light™ gets muddy or exposed to seawater, please rinse the outside of the light with running fresh water while turning the Mode Selector Ring. Do not open or disassemble while rinsing.
  • Remove the Battery Pack for long-term storage, and store the batteries in a dry, well-ventilated area, out of direct sunlight.

Further information and ‘how to’ videos can be found on the Orbiloc website:

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